Join MSEA in the Fight to Protect Our Schools

When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act to replace the failed No Child Left Behind, it gave states the power to overhaul how they measure school success and practice school accountability.

This is a once in a decade opportunity for Maryland to reduce the culture of over-testing and incentivize schools to focus more on things like school climate, class and caseload size, and offering a broad, challenging curriculum including the arts.

We need the General Assembly to pass the Protect Our Schools Act so we can take advantage of this opportunity.

The bill will help us finally address  achievement gaps and improve opportunities for all kids. It will give Maryland the strongest accountability system in the nation by more effectively utilizing test scores and focusing on additional factors—like a supportive school climate—that contribute to a high-quality, equitable education for all students.

If a school is identified as low-performing, the teachers and parents who know their kids best will finally be empowered to lead on implementing research- and community-backed plans to improve their school.

But there’s a very real danger that Gov. Hogan and his State Board of Education will use this opportunity to try to double down on using test scores to identify public schools as failing so they can convert them into charter schools or send their funding to private school vouchers. This bill stops this radical privatization agenda by preventing public schools from being transferred to private and for-profit interests who look out for their bottom lines first and our kids second.

Take action today: Together, we can dial back the culture of over-testing prevent the privatization of our schools, and make sure that Maryland creates a smarter school accountability system that focuses on truly improving low-performing schools and narrowing achievement gaps.